Burin the Lost
Burin portrait
Burin the Lost
Vital statistics
Title No known title
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Faction No faction
Campaign The Rise of Wesnoth

Burin the Lost is a strong and loyal Dwarvish Steelclad. He is, as the name suggests, lost. He is of the Wesnothian dwarvish clans who decided to leave Wesnoth and traveled east. Sometime during his travels, he found himself on the Green Isles where he aided Prince Haldric I on his escape from the invading orcs.

This quest led Burin the Lost back to Wesnoth, effectively making him the first of any race to circle the globe. He served Haldric faithfully until they destroyed Lich-Lord Jevyan. Carrying the secret of Haldric's betrayal to the elves to the grave, Burin left to help the dwarves learn the art of the underground.

He has his own theme song: [1].