Vital statistics
Title Elvish Druid, Elvish Shyde
Gender Female
Race Elf
Faction Rebels
Campaign Delfador's Memoirs, Heir to the Throne

Chantal is a Level 2, Elvish Druid, in the campaign Delfador's Memoirs, from the scenario Wasteland. Chantal is the granddaughter of Kalenz and Cleodil. She knows some of the Book of Crelanu's least dangerous secrets, such as holy water [1].

Chantal appears again in the 1st scenario of the campaign of Heir to the Throne (47 years later). Chantal is now a level 3, Elvish Shyde. She is a good tactician that assist Konrad and Delfador escaped through the Northwest sign-post by well managing her units to North and South engaging the enemies units and slowing them down effectively.

In this scenario, she is normally stationed in her own keep, and send her units to hold off the green enemies and make opening for Konrad and Delfador to escaped and keeped the blue enemies at bay. But her survivality is also not vital to the campaign storyline. (Similar to Galdrad)


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