Vital statistics
Title Footpad, Outlaw
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Rebel
Campaign Liberty, Heir to the Throne

Delurin is a Footpad in the campaign Liberty, in the 1st scenario only, namely The Raid.

He and Jalak, Red, Ordo, Novus, Teneor, Kembe and Treagh, try to help Baldras and Harper to defend the town of Dallben.

If he survived this Goblin raid, Delurin could have flee with Relana (and Moremirmu ?) in the Three Sisters (and probably the Isle of the Damned).

Delurin is then an Outlaw in the campaign Heir to the Throne.

After Konrad escaped from a storm that weckage his ship, Delurin takes the opportunity to join Konrad by offering him 100 gold to sustain in the Isle of the Damned before he can regroup his armies which are still at the large drowning in the ocean and being rescuing by the Merfolk.

In returned to his favor, Konrad has force to face the Undead which is controlling the Isle of the Damned and liberated the Island from the hand of the Undead.

If he's still alive, Delurin appears again in the scenario named Home of the North Elves. He is one of the 6 starting loyal units to compensate for the loss of recruiting (with Delfador, Kalenz, Li'sar, Haldiel, Reglok and Niodien).


  • Maybe we can make a deal ! Help us defeat those evil creatures ! You may use our gold reserves to lead us !