Malin young

Malin as a young man.

Descent into Darkness is a campaign. The story revolves around a man named Malin Keshar. A necromancer one day, comes to the city Parthyn. He comes during a battle, and the Orcs were going to win it, but Darken Volk came with his army of Skeletons and saved the town. So instead of being executed, he was banished. In a later battle, Malin Keshar used Necromancy and saves Parthyn. He learned it while the necromancer was in town. He too, was banished. He later caught up to the necromancer, and he became his apprentice.


Saving Parthyn

Peaceful Valley

A Haunting in Winter

Beginning of the Revenge

Orc War

Return To Parthyn

A Small Favor

A Small Favor 2

A Small Favor 3

Alone at Last

Descent into Darkness

Endless Night