Eric S. Raymond (born December 4, 1957) is a computer programmer and open-source advocate, as well as the co-founder of the Open Source Initiative. He designed the The Hammer of Thursagan campaign. He uses his initials, esr, as his handle.

At one point the project's most active committer, his participation came to wane. Later, he would reveal that he had soured on Wesnoth over "the way the previously beautiful map art for Dead Water was munged into a morass of ugly brown shit over my vociferous protests, after I had spent so much effort producing it for mainline."

Nevertheless, when the project decided to convert from SVN to Git, and at the same time migrate from as the central repository, esr lent his expertise to the conversion. However, after a move to Sourceforge was agreed to and carried out, and esr had spent time aiding some developers who asked for help setting up Sourceforge accounts, the question was reopened and the Wesnoth project switched to Github. This 2013 fracas appears to have exhausted esr's remaining patience with Wesnoth, and he has not returned since.


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