Vital statistics
Title Elvish Sorceress
Gender Female
Race Elf
Faction Rebel
Campaign Northern Rebirth

Eryssa is a dextrous and loyal Princess of the Elves at the time of the Northern Rebirth campaign. She helps Tallin and his friends throw off orcish oppression of the humans of Dwarven Doors in gratitude for her rescue.

Eryssa is a beautiful, virtuous, brave, but at times snobbish and stuck up, Elvish Sorceress. Her father holds a high position with the north elves and she has been captured and held for ransom by the orcs.

Eryssa is also the sister of Elenia, whom Tallin rescues as well.

Eryssa eventually marries Tallin.


  • "Tallin, not only have you freed me and my sister from captivity, but you have defeated Malifor, who has long been a scourge to my people. By defeating him, you have aided the Northern Elves more than you can imagine." ~Eryssa~
  • Although Tallin faced many challenges as the head of the Northern Alliance, his marriage with Eryssa was serene and filled with happiness. Together they had one son, about whom were written many legends.