Elvish Captain
Vital statistics
Title Elvish Captain, Elvish Champion
Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction Rebel
Campaign Tutorial and Heir to the Throne
Elvish Hero

Galdrad in Heir to the Throne.

Galdrad is a level 2 Elvish Captain in the Tutorial of the game with Delfador. He teaches to Konrad and Li'sar how play in Wesnoth in the second part of the Tutorial. He appeared in the 1st scenario of the campaign of Heir to the Throne where he is a level 3 Elvish Champion that assist Konrad to retreat. He is a fierce fighters that help to hold his position and let Konrad and Delfador escaped through the Northwest sign-post.

In the game, he and his units are normally being eliminated by the purple enemies who has overwelming units then he has (if you haven't choosed the easy mod). Though, this is very subjective to your course of actions, nevertheless his survival is not vital to the campaign storyline. (Similar with Chantal)