This page teaches you how to hack into the game Battle for Wesnoth. (Note:This is being written with the 1.11.7 edition, and may not work for older editions or/newer.) (Note 2: This is being written from Windows 7. It may be different for other types of computers) (Note 3:These hacks are tested and are going to work, as long as you don't mess up certain things. Basically, these hacks will work as long as you don't accidentally ruin the files.)

Also note that these mods will not be able to be used for Servers. Just single player.

Getting Started With Windows...Edit

First, go to your My Documents folder. Once your there, look to the left for "Local Disc," click it. Now go to "Program Files". Now, go to your Battle For Wesnoth folder. Again, click it. Hit "data", Now, you have the location of hacking the game.

Lets get editing a campaign with Windows...Edit

If your in data, go to the "campaigns" folder. Now, click any campaign you want to mod. Let's say you want to modify Heir To The Throne. Click the Heir to the Throne folder. Then, click "scenarios". Now, open Notepad, and drag the scenario you want to modify into the notepad. Now, you have all the code! Luckily, it's in a custom language for easy programming. The upside to that is it is also easy to edit. Scan through the code. If you want to add more gold to one team, you can. Find the team your on, and then find the "gold=x" section and add the number you wish. The more you mod the more you will become familiar with it.

Lets get editing units with Windows...Edit

Go to data. Then go to core. Then units. Select the group you want to mod. If you want to modify an Elvish Archer, for example, go to "elves" and then "Archer.cfg". Open Notepad and then drag archer in the Notepad. Scroll through the file and find what you want to modify. It's easy to edit, just don't get overwhelmed. If you want to add Gold to that unit, just scroll down and find it. Just be sure you do small chunks, and things you can revert. But also, remember, when modding units, even AI will be able to use it.

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If you would like to post how to hack into the game with different operating systems like Linux or Mavericks, go ahead.