Hidel is an elderly Elvish Marshal who is Eryssa's longtime guardian and mentor.

Although he is very wise, he is at times inflicted with the typical elvish snobbishness and superiority issues. He was sent by Eryssa's father to rescue her from the orcs.

Hidel's second in command is Sisal.

SPOILER WARNING! In the Process, he dies in sacrifice to save Tallins vast gold supply from Rakshas, the Orc leader. Template:EndSpoiler


  • The number of humans over the centuries who have earned the respect and admiration of the Northern Elves are extremely few.
  • The trust of the elves is seldom misplaced.
  • Scattered around Hidel were the bodies of at least three Orcish warlords, and nearly a score of grunts, warriors and crossbowmen. His weapons were notched and broken; his armor dented and smashed. It was clear to all that his fall had been an epic of valor and glory, worthy to be remembered in the songs of all the kindred races until the end of days.