Vital statistics
Title Elvish Fighter, Elvish Lord, Elvish High Lord
Gender Male
Race Elves
Faction Rebel
Campaign Heir to the Throne, Legend of Wesmere, Delfador's Memoirs

Kalenz is a level 2 Elvish Lord from Heir to the Throne. Kalenz first appeared in the ending of The Siege of Elensefar. Kalenz is an Elvish Fighter and main protagonist in Legend of Wesmere. Kalenz also appear in Delfador's Memoirs as an Elvish High Lord. His first appearance in Delfador's Memoirs is The Return of Trouble. He is also mentioned as the new patron of Arvith in the epilogue of A Tale of Two Brothers.

Kalenz is born in Lintanir Forest . Kalenz made treaty with Haldric II and killed Great Chief Burbar at 20 YW using potion from Crelanu, which made him live for a very long time. Kalenz retired with Cleodil at 24 YW and married her. He is Chantal's grandfather. After his last children dies, he helps Delfador fight Iliah-Malal at 470 YW, and help Konrad fight Asheviere at 518 YW.


  • He is, of all things, an elf. I never thought I'd befriend one, but he is less arrogant than the rest. Kalenz, he calls himself. He's seen too much; I can tell that just by meeting his eyes. ~Arvith~
  • I have been meeting with the Ka'lian, the Great Council of the Elves. This is Kalenz, a great lord of the Northern Elves who came to the Council to offer us the support of his people. ~Delfador~