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Sir Kaylan
Sir Kaylan
Vital statistics
Title Grand Knight
Gender Male
Race Humans
Faction Rebel
Campaign Heir to the Throne

Sir Kaylan is encountered by Konrad in ____ and is generous enough to assist Konrad escape from the Queen's army.

A loyal and trustworthy man, he not only assists Konrad in holding up until the transport ship arrives, he also enlists his men, Haldiel and Simyr, to join Konrad in his march.

After Konrad leaves, there is no others news on him, but looking at the Queen armies did not come after Konrad to Isle of Alduin until Elensefar, it seem that he is still holding on his ground at Blackwater Port.


  • Foot units tend to defend better in villages and castles than in other terrain types, while most mounted units do not gain any defensive advantages from villages or castles. ~Sir Kaylan, 498 YW~
  • Horse-based units are generally resistant to attacks with bladed or impact weapons, but are vulnerable to attacks with piercing weapons, including bows and spears. ~Sir Kaylan, 502 YW~
  • Charging units are best used against enemies they can kill with a single blow. ~Sir Kaylan, 498 YW~