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Merfolk Spearman Potrait
The Merfolk live in the shallow parts of the ocean, wary to the monsters that lurk in the deep ocean i.e the Nagas which is barbaric in nature. The Merfolk are always in order, mutual respect, gentle and some what understanding. Both of them are powerful, quick and evasive in any watery environment, but struggle greatly to move on land.

The Merfolk and the Naga are always in a way of conflicts, most likely due to the Merfolk also residing themselve in the ocean area, which the Merfolk hunt their daily life stock in the ocean floors as well.

Comparing to the Naga, the Merfolk are more civilized, and the Merfolk also can be considered the Elves who are residing in the ocean and the original Elves are residing to the forest, though they are totally two different species in nature. Both of them are also considered the ocean and the forest are scared (as god) and respectful to them respectively. Maybe due the the similarily between the Elves and the Merfolk, both of them are also having the ability to weild some sort of magical power, though the Elves are born with it, but the Merfolk is powerful in magical power as well, especially the Merfolk has relics that can emitted the power of lightning i.e. the Trident. Whereas, to the Naga, they are more to blunt force using totally their own mussle power.

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