Settlers of Light

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Add on Campaign

Settlers of Light is an add on campaign following the Aragwaithi, a group of The human survivors the agrawrathi have set up a community in the deserts, seeking to establish a new hope that can only be grasped by the needs of these hero's. They seek to sustain a new home, away from the war in their home, and conquer the new land. To protect against nomads and moneters. But rouge and murderious kings of the sand are the least of there problems as elves who support a necromantic and evil god, who's fighting the last legion, a new kind opprrsor, except now agianst their former followers, and of cource the civilizations of Idrya. Will they survive? Or fall short in the deserts of Gaia, like the heroes before them? The author dislikes his work but feedback is appreciated if done correctly